We’ve talked before about the many films set in New York.  As a vibrant metropolis with diverse pockets of culture and tremendous opportunity, it’s no surprise.  New York’s a unique city, and the films set in New York highlight its distinct character.  Many filmmakers have made it a point to capture just how much they heart the city.

Here’s a fun poster to help celebrate these films.  The “New York Movie Map,” created by Bernie Hou of Alien Loves Predator, portrays 91 movies that have been set in New York.  For New Yorkers and movie buffs alike, it’s fun to sift through the crowd of cinematic icons and try to remember all the precious cinematic moments they represent.

For a full high res version of the map, click HERE.

For an answer key listing all of the 91 movies represented, click HERE.

To get your very own poster to spruce up the walls of your New York apartment, click HERE.